Equine Services

With over twenty years of service to the state in individual pet cremations, we are proud to announce the addition of the only equine crematory in Oklahoma.

We offer removal from your location or you may bring your beloved horse or pony to us. The Last Corral burial garden is available for burial if you choose to keep your friend here in a permanent endowed cemetery.

We have several equine urns available. Pre-need planning is available and encouraged in making a difficult time easier.

Please contact us for more details.

Equine Crematory in Oklahoma

With quiet tears, lovingly shed
I hear the horses, overhead
Their pounding hooves
are thunder stirred,
For another friend
has joined the herd.

By Paige Cerulli

Barbaro at the Rainbow Bridge

It was an ordinary day at the Rainbow Bridge, sunny and warm, and all the creatures were playing or resting while waiting for their people who had loved them on Earth.

Suddenly the tranquility was broken by the sound like thunder, which most residents could just barely remember. The sound got louder and louder, a powerful rhythmic pounding until a crowd formed to see what it could possibly be.

Finally, within a cloud of dust appeared a magnificent stallion, snorting and galloping across the Rainbow Bridge into eternity. The animals knew that Barbaro had arrived, on four strong legs, never to limp or be in pain again, while he waits for all his people who loved him so much.

By Stephi Luken